Saturday, April 4, 2009

My Husband Likes to Watch

When I first met my husband I was dazzled by his dark, brooding good looks combined with his gentle personality. He reminded me a little of a Rocky Balboa with brains, and I shamelessly couldn't wait to go to bed with him. When we did, I wasn't disappointed. Don is a great lover, and I knew I'd found the man I wanted to spend the remainder of my life with.

After we were married, our lovemaking continued to excite me. Don gradually introduced me to sexual variations I had not tried before, and with each new adventure, most in the bedroom, some in the bathroom, I found myself wanting even more. Then one evening Don asked me how often I masturbated. I actually felt myself blushing as I rather haltingly admitted that I usually masturbated in the morning after he'd left for work, and sometimes in the afternoon, thanks to the abundance of arousing material available on the Internet these days. Then Don suggested we begin masturbating together while exchanging correspondence with other others like ourselves, anonymously of course. The idea intrigued me, and I agreed to try it.

Eventually, of course, we found others who wanted to exchange sexually explicit photographs with us. Interested, we discussed the risks involved in doing something like that before finally agreeing to post a few photos of ourselves. We had a color scanner and some good photo enhancement software , so technically we knew we'd be able to disguise ourselves enough to post a few photos without revealing our identities. If we had some, that is, but we didn't. We also didn't want to send film which contained the kinds of photos we knew we wanted to post on the Internet out to anyone for processing, so Don bought an inexpensive Polaroid camera.

That first evening in the bedroom Don had me dress up in some of my sexiest lingerie. In order to disguise my identity, I put on one of those sleep masks we'd been given by the airline during an all night flight to Europe. Then I posed as erotically as possible, secure in the fact that my identity would be protected.

After seeing the first few pictures from the instant camera, they excited me so much I wanted to become more daring. I began to masturbate for the camera, eventually disrobing completely, even using a dildo on myself. The fact that I couldn't see anything somehow seemed to allow me to become more uninhibited, and the more I did, the more arousing I found the photos. Finally I asked Don to let me suck him in some of the shots. He sat the camera on a tripod, adjusted the self-timer, and took some stunning photos of me with my lips around his cock. These photos turned me on even more, of course, and as usual I wanted even more. Incredibly excited now, from the photos as well as from masturbating, I told Don I wanted him to come on my face, and on the mask, which of course he eagerly agreed to do. Then I put the mask over my eyes again and waited, feeling the hot softness of Don's cock bumping against my cheeks as he masturbated next to me. When he was ready to come he set the self timer again, then managed to perfectly time his ejaculation with the flash of the camera.

The photo came out beautifully! I was thrilled by what I saw. There I was, my nipples so hard they seemed to stand out from my breasts a half inch or more. My fingers were buried in my pussy, my body glistening in perspiration as a long, stark white arc of cum splashed down onto my cheeks and onto the black eye mask.

I couldn't wait. I made Don scan the photo immediately, and when I saw it I knew we had to post it on the Internet. I saw a woman so totally sexual, so exciting, I knew I had to share it with others like ourselves who enjoyed seeing photos like this. The thought that men I'd never met would be looking at me and masturbating, perhaps coming themselves as they stared at me was immensely exciting.

After blocking out a few objects in the photo that might have been recognizable from our bedroom, we sent the photo off to one of our favorite newsgroups, entitled, "Cumfacial.jpg" As soon as the photo was posted, we clicked on it and studied it on screen. It had transferred perfectly. Don had his arms around me, fondling my breasts from behind as I casually rubbed my pussy, staring at my naked, cum-streaked body, right there on screen for all the world to see.

It made me so hot I immediately wanted to send in more photos. For a brief instant I found myself wanting to send in something with my face clearly showing, but I quickly forced that desire out of my mind. Or so I thought.

Over the next few days we posted more photos of me, and began to receive notes in return, mostly from men of course, complimenting me. At 32 years old I'm still in very good shape. I'm tall, for one thing, just under 5'8", which helps distribute my 140 pounds, and having been blessed with rather larger than average breasts, coupled with my trim waist and tight butt, my husband says I am "built for fucking." I'll certainly agree to that, irrespective of whether it has anything to do with my body or not. I love to fuck. I live to fuck! And these days we were certainly doing a lot of it.

One evening we received a note from a guy we'd come to trust in which he asked if Don would ever consider sharing and watching me with another man, or possibly with a group of men. By then we'd been conducting fairly explicit e-mail conversations with a few other couples like ourselves, sharing fantasies, flirting, even discussing what we'd like to do to each other if ever we got together. This time, however, the question was more direct than in the past. Hal was actually propositioning us with seductive offers of how great it would be for Don to have his "very own adult film star in action" right before his eyes. "You could watch us while you masturbate," Hal suggested.

The prospects of getting fucked by another man while my husband watched was extremely exciting to me, and I wondered what Don would say in his reply. As I watched, he typed SOUNDS GOOD TO ME. YOU'D HAVE TO WEAR A CONDOM THOUGH.

Don looked at me and grinned sheepishly. "Would you ever consider doing it?" he asked.

"Would you want me to?" I answered, my heart beating wildly as I played along with him

"In a New York second, baby," Don smiled. I noticed his cock growing larger as we waited for Hal's response to our note, and when he sent us a note containing his phone number, asking us to call him, we decided to do it. I won't go into details regarding our telephone conversation with Hal that evening, but suffice it to say that it clearly constituted what I'd regard as "phone sex." In fact, Don fucked me while Hal listened in, telling us how hard his cock was, groaning loudly when he came along with Don and I. Before hanging up we discovered Hal lived in the next county over from ours here in Michigan, and as I listened, my husband made plans for the three of us to get together the next evening.

We'd agreed to meet Hal at his place for a drink, and to see what might transpire. When we arrived at his secluded ranch home in the suburbs outside Lansing, we were impressed by his sense of taste and style. Although his decor was certainly masculine, I admired the quality of the black leather sofa, love seat, and easy chair in his family room. It was still cold outside, and a nice gas log fire was flickering in the stone fireplace across the end of the room. I took off my coat, and Hal grinned when he easily detected the fact that I hadn't bothered with a bra beneath the thin jersey sweater I was wearing.

"You're more beautiful without the mask," he grinned, handing Don and I each a lead crystal old fashion glass filled with ice and Johnny Walker Black scotch.

I thanked him, and we chatted amicably for perhaps a half hour or so. Then Don said, "Barb... I want to watch Hal fucking you." Just like that. Out of the blue. I felt my pussy instantly flooding with waves of excitement, and when I turned to Hal he was grinning devilishly at me.

"Fine with me. How about you, ma'am?" he said.

I knew this was the moment which would define the rest of our lives, our marriage. Suddenly, I wanted to do it. Oh God how I wanted to do it. With my husband right there, watching us, not just condoning my behavior, but encouraging it... at that moment I loved Don more than ever before, and I knew our marriage and our relationship could endure whatever the consequences of this act might be. So I did what I knew I had to do. I sat my glass down on a nearby table, turned to Hal, gave him my most seductive "fuck me" look, and removed my sweater.

When I was naked from my waist up, I walked over next to Hal and took his hands and placed them on my breasts. "They're cold. Warm them for me," I teased. He did, first with his hands, and then with his lips, sucking my nipples, tugging gently on them, arousing me to the point where I knew I had to have him in me.

"Here, Hal. I want you to fuck me right here, in front of the fire," I said, quickly removing my skirt and panties. Then, naked, I turned to gauge my husband's reaction to my brazen behavior. He had already taken out his cock and was masturbating as he watched us, stroking his erection slowly, a silly grin on his face. I tossed him my moist panties, and said, "Sniff these while he fucks me darling."

Don caught the delicate lingerie and brought the silky material to his nostrils, sniffing deeply as he watched me touching myself in front of both of them. I was very wet, and the only sounds in the room were the hissing of the fire and the squishing of my fingers as I began to masturbate.

Hal quickly undressed, and when he was naked, his beautiful cock was rock hard, sticking out from his body in an obvious state of readiness for me.

"I need to taste it first," I said, slowly sinking to my knees in front of him. When I took him inside my mouth he groaned, stimulating me further. I could taste a little of his slippery secretions on the end of his cock, and knew he had to be close to coming already. But not yet.

"Do it now. Fuck me," I said, moving to the sofa, lying on it with one leg on the floor and the other draped over the back, spreading myself open for him.

"First, my turn. I have to do this, Barb," Hal said, lowering himself to me, crawling between my thighs, his lips leaving soft kissing trails on my warm flesh as he made his way slowly up to, and then onto, my pussy.

"Oh God!" I moan quietly as he began sucking me. I moved my leg from behind the sofa onto his shoulder, pulling him into me harder, forcing his mouth to cling to my adoring cunt as he ate me beautifully for several minutes.

But then I needed him. Desperately. "Now, please!" I said. "Fuck me."

He backed his mouth away from my cunt a couple of inches, blew on it softly, then kissed me there one last time before crawling up on top of me. I felt his erect cock touching my thigh. It was hot, and slippery, a clear sign of his obvious excitement. And then he entered me.

Incredibly, I came almost immediately. The thrill of what we were doing... me lying here fucking another man with Don watching us, masturbating, his eyes glazed with lust... it was all simply too much for my wicked psyche to handle without exploding, and when the familiar waves of orgasmic pleasure began to roll over me I wallowed in them, in the sensations this entire event was causing within me.

After my orgasm incredibly my excitement continued to build. Hal was a superb lover, and his slowly increasing pace seemed to correspond exactly with my rising lust. Suddenly I realized he wasn't wearing a condom, something we had stipulated he would have to do, but in the excitement of the moment neither of us had remembered it. And then just as suddenly I realized I was glad we'd forgotten.

I turned to my husband, my body tingling, eyes hooded with passion, and said, "Darling... Hal isn't wearing protection. Do you mind? I don't want him to stop."

I could tell how excited Hal was by his reply. "No! Don't stop! Do it. Fill her with your cum," he groaned, masturbating furiously.

"Oh God!" Hal moaned, thrusting deeply inside me. And then he did as Donald had requested. His cock suddenly grew inside me and began spewing cum into me. With each explosion I felt my own orgasm building, and when Hal pushed as deeply into me as possible, holding his cock there, his body rigid while one last burst erupted from it, I came again, crying out my joy, my head flopping back and forth wildly on the sofa. Don was coming now, too, I knew, and when I looked over at him our eyes told each of us how right all of this was for us.

After that first evening, we became insatiable. Several threesomes followed with a variety of men, each as satisfying and exciting as the last. We chose our participants carefully, and were not disappointed. Then one evening Hal said he had a surprise for us. We were still seeing him, and by then had become quite close friends with him.

When we arrived at Hal's home following our phone conversation with him, I was surprised to find two other cars in the driveway. Don looked at me, smiled, and said, "We thought we'd do something special for you tonight, darling."

My heart began to beat wildly as I wondered if this was to be the night another of our long-time fantasies came true. Don and I had often fantasized about me having sex with a group of men all at one time, and as we approached Hal's front door I felt a series of goosebump producing chills course through my body.

Inside Hal greeted me with a long, soft kiss, then said, "I think you're going to enjoy tonight immensely." He led us down a hallway to steps leading to his lower level, a room usually reserved as a home theater setting. Tonight, however, when we reached the bottom of the stairs I found the movie seats had been moved out of the way, and a single mattress was lying in the middle of the floor. I also immediately noticed a small group of men watching me.

"Baby, you know how we've talked about a group scene. Well Hal and I want you to have it. Tonight," Don said, kissing my neck as he began unbuttoning my blouse. I could have stopped him, of course, but I didn't. Instead I felt the familiar flooding in my pussy which always results from intense excitement. I had wanted this evening as much, probably more, than Don, and now I was going to get it.

As my husband continued to undress me my male admirers also began to disrobe. I was wearing some of my sexiest lingerie, as I always do for Hal, and when my breasts were naked, and my panties removed, I was led over to and positioned onto my back on the mattress wearing only a pair of deep purple stockings and a matching garter belt.

"I'd introduce you, but names don't matter tonight. I want you to think of us as merely a group of hard cocks at your complete disposal. Use us any way you wish," Hal grinned, fondling my breasts.

I looked at the men and sighed, a giddy, kid in a candy store sigh. They were all quite good looking... as were their cocks. Masturbating now, one by one their erections grew, and when one of them asked me what I wanted I said simply, "I want you all to fuck me, one after the other."

I was trembling when the first man entered me. Again, as I had done with Hal that first evening so long ago, I came immediately, moaning loudly, letting my eyes flutter closed as my nameless lover slid his cock effortlessly into my wet pussy. Something flashed, and I opened my eyes to see Don standing above us, the Polaroid in his hands, taking photos of me. Suddenly I wanted to perform for him the way we'd seen some of our favorite adult film stars performing. I reached out to the cock nearest my mouth and brought it closer, my lips parted, tugging on it until the man realized what I wanted. He eagerly complied, feeding it to me as the cock in my pussy suddenly erupted. My lover grunted as he exploded inside me, sagged on top of me for a few seconds, then moved off me. Quickly another man took his place, filling me with a much longer but thinner cock as I marveled at the comparative sensations of having two cocks in me within such a short interval. And the evening was just beginning!

As exciting as our threesomes had been, nothing could compare to the sensations and orgasms I experienced that evening. To be able to lie there and let one man after the other use me... fuck me... is something truly indescribable. I lost count of how many times I came, but I know each man had me either in my pussy or my mouth at least twice, perhaps more, and there were five of them not counting my husband. People speak of Heaven on Earth... I don't know if this was Heaven or Hell, but whatever it was I loved it.

Afterward, on the way home, Don told me he had loved watching me with the men. "No problems with it, darling," I asked.

"None. I loved it. Will you do it again for me?" he asked, and of course the answer was an enthusiastic "YES!" In fact, I can't wait for it to happen again....

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